About Us

Once upon a time, three persons living their own lives were brought together by fate, hoping to deliver high-quality products from Asia to the United States at an affordable price. We adore ecstatic flavors, flawless function, and authentic fashion. The products we sold are all tasted or tried by our staffs or our reliable friends, so we highly recommend them to you.

Onkeize Corp is formed in Los Angeles, California in 2021 by On (Matthew), Kei (Gary) & Sze (Kristy).

Meanwhile, ”Onkei” in Japanese means "Grace"; “Ze” is an enhanced auxiliary words. We hope that no matter in good times or bad times, you will never forget that grace and kindness are always found in our daily life. Rainbow always come after the rain, so we should cherish what we have and strive to live every day.

We are enthusiastic to uphold the quality and freshness of our products. Hence we are conducting our operation for most of the items in fashion of pre-order. Most of orders will be ready to mail out in around three to five weeks after your orders are processed.